1 lb. Bags

We off a variety of chemicals in 1 lb packets

Our produces are available in a standard 10′ x 4″ packet. Valeron film helps provide child resistance where necessary.

Sample packaging

We produce a variety of chemicals in packets. Below are some of the products we offer. When talking to a Thomas, make sure to ask about the products we offer in packets.

Valeron Film (CRC)

Key features: cross-laminated polyolefin, high strength and tear resistance, puncture/burst resistant, temperature resistant from -70°F to 200°F, chemical resistant, printable, can be die cut and perforated on press, folded, embossed, punched, stapled or stitched, FDA compliant grades available and environment friendly.

Available products: Dichlor (35% & 56%), Cal Hypo (68% & 73%), Non-chlorine Shock

Non Valeron Film

Key features: made of (PET) Polyethylene Terephthalate, easy one time use, chemical resistant, printable.

Available products: pH+, pH-, Total Alkalinity, Winterizing Powder 

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